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What's Included

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    • VIDEO - Presentation to Chiropractic students at University of South Wales

    • VIDEO - Lectures to Anglo-European Chiropractic College - England, June 2020

    • Q&A AUDIO - Parker University - Dallas, April 2020

    • Take the Quiz! Communicating with people seeking help for lower back pain

    • Survey and Educational Module: Is running good or bad for your knees?

    • LECTURE - Virtual Consultations with MSK Patients, Royal College of Chiropractors

    • VIDEO AND WRITEUP: Lab Immersion Experience – Case Study

    • Webinar (>25 hours) - High Value MS Care, Rehab & Prehab: The TeleHealth Challenge

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    Other Courses and Materials Available from FPM

    • Knowledge Translation (8-hour program w/ lectures, Q+A, guided workouts)

    • 7 Hours of CEU (Dr. Liebenson & Parker University)